The MMMAD group is looking for one postdoc research associate and two graduate students 

Two graduate students are needed in the below areas. Please feel free to contact Prof. Zhang if you are interested in modeling and simulations of nuclear fuels and materials. Please visit this page for our current research projects:

  • Atomistic simulations of mechanical deformation in metallic fuels


  • Atomistic simulations (density functional theory and molecular dynamics and lattice kinetics Monte Carlo) of defect thermal dynamics and kinetics

○Computing thermodynamic and kinetic properties of point defects in complex concentrated alloys

          ○Reveal the role of chemical ordering in affecting self-diffusion in complex concentrated alloys

○Investigate dynamic evolution of chemical ordering in complex concentrated alloys in far-from-equilibrium conditions, e.g., under radiation

Postdoctoral researchers 

The M3 group  is looking for a postdoc with the expertise in first principle molecular dynamics (AIMD) and/or mesoscopic modeling (e.g., phase field) of electrochemical reactions such as molten salt corrosion.

Please contact Prof. Yongfeng Zhang ( for more information.