April 2024: The 3M group acknowledges the support of two new Nuclear Energy University Program Projects

We are grateful for receiving two new NEUP project led by Dr. Yongfeng Zhang! The first is titled “Correlating buffer microstructure with failure progression into the SiC layer in TRISO”, in collaboration with Dr. Ramathasan Thevamaran from UW Madison, Dr. Wen Jiang from North Carolina State University, and Dr. Tyler Gerczak, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The abstract of the project can be found here. The second is titled “Developing critical insights on the effects of Mo on alpha-prime precipitation and dislocation loop formation in FeCrAl alloys”, in collaboration with Dr. Kevin G. Field from University of Michigan (UM), Dr. Wei Xiong from University of Pittsburgh (UP), and Dr. Andrew Hoffman from Catalyst Science Solutions LLC. (CSSL). More details can be reached here.